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ABC Boat Management –  is focused solely on narrowboats in the UK.

There are several ways to enjoy boating holidays from borrowing or hiring a boat when you want it, owning timeshare with access to boats, owning a share of a boat, through to owning your own boat.

If you want to go direct to information on Boat Shares Boat Shares

What you need to do is find the option that best suits your personal circumstances and how much you want to spend which I hope the information below will help with.

Hiring a Canal Boat

Hiring a boat for weekend or longer is where most people start and get their bug for canal boating. If you have never done this before look at the video, or click here for information on ABC Boat Hire.

Boating Holidays Video

ABC Boat Hire

Owning Timeshare use of a Boat

Purchasing a week or more of Timeshare with the option to exchange to a boating holiday, or from an organisation that specialises in Canal Boats such as Canal Boat Club with the option to exchange out to other holidays for a change when required. With this option you do not actually own the boat but acquire the right to occupy it for a period of time for which you pay an annual fixed management charge.

Boat Timeshare

Owning a Share in a Boat

If you only have 4 weeks holiday a year, or do not envisage wanting to spend a lot of the year on a canal boat you could choose to purchase a share in a narrow boat which could be the affordable way to cruise the canals in a boat that belongs to you. (If you wanted up to 8 weeks on a shared ownership boat this is possible). Most shared ownership boats are owned by a Syndicate of around 12 shareholders so you only have to pay 1/12th or 8% of the annual cost of operating the boat.

Boat Shares

Owning Your Own Boat

You could commission your own brand new boat or purchase a second hand boat which means it is exclusively yours and always there when you want it, but, unless you have a lot of time to make use of it you may find this an expensive per week of use option. As it is your own boat you would have to pay the entire costs of running the boat each year. Click here to see our boat building website

Brand new boats or purchasing a second hand boat.

How to find out more about these options through ABC Leisure Group.

You will find us at all the major events and festivals throughout the year. In addition we also hold specific open days for re-sale shares and brand new boats. Click to find out where we’ll be next.

Events & Open Days

Boat & Caravan Show at the NEC in February 2010

Or you can contact us at anytime to discuss your requirements or just to find out more.

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